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An attractive, spoiled, Vanderbilt University coed whose primary goals are to be popular in her sorority and to graduate with an "MRS" degree.
"Did you see that hot Vandy Girl running the loop today?"
by Vandyrunnr March 16, 2008
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Snobby, rich, spoiled, annoying, anorexic, preppy, better-than-you stuck up slut.

a.k.a. A girl that goes to Vanderbilt University.

Don't bother with it unless you (by you I mean your parents) can pay out of your pocket for all 4+ years at Vanderbilt without a dent in finances.

*Must also own personal island to obtain necessary level of importance.
*Houses in multiple countries is also a requirement.

Wear sundresses in the summer.
And spring.
And fall and winter.

Oh. And always wear pearls.

Never dress in school colors for athletic events (i.e. football games).
^Wear a sundress.
Never stay for whole game.
Pregame and afterparty is a must.

Hair must be at least 4 inches below the shoulders.

Must drink only vitamin water for breakfast.
Skip lunch. If not possible... small salad. No dressing.
Again. For dinner, small salad. No dressing.
Only change out of sundress to jog.
Must jog daily to burn off salad.

Only other time acceptable to change out of sundress: Thursday, Friday, and Saturday night = extremely short, exceptionally tight, barely covering, vag showing party dress. Ripped up stockings is a plus. Must = 5 inch (hooker) heels. Never wear a jacket.

When weather is cold, complain. Lots.
Make sure to arrive just as Vandy Van pulls up and cut off all the losers who had been waiting in line. (Why? Because you are cold since you lack the majority of necessary clothing).
Be a bitch.
Oh she's not a Vandy girl. She actually went to college for the education and got a degree to make a life worth living.
by VandERBILT girl March 03, 2011
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