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A fan-created term that stands for the romantic relationship of Cid Highwind and Vincent Valentine from Final Fantasy VII.

The name was first coined by Mako Red Eyes.

My favourite pairing, mainly because they accept each other presence, and they already have a great platonic relationship to begin with. It's not just one-sided, or merely opposites attract. They have a healthy mutual correspondency towards each other.

Besides the great name and glory, it is also known for it's fanfictions, doujins, and intelligent fans.

And unlike, most non-canon pairings *cough*Yuffentine*cough*, most of the fanfictions are actually well-written.

So yeah, Valenwind. One of the only slash pairings that actually has a base.
"Cid, I wish I had your go-get-them attitude."
-Vincent Valentine, If nothing else, this proves that Vincent admires Cid, and the fact that he tells him means that they're at least on a friendship level.

"Hey Cid, let's go back to our rooms."
-Vincent Valentine, I know they stayed in different rooms, but after playing Final Fantasy VII and watching Advent Children and Dirge of Cerberus, you get an idea of the kind of person Vincent is. And from what I can tell, he doesn't seem like the kind of guy to do such a gesture as suggesting to a friend that they should get some sleep. I would've thought he'd be like "..." and just go to his room. I find it odd how he would just go and do that out of thin air. I figured he'd just let Cid just sleep right there in the chair. Why would he care whether or not a friend, much less a guy friend, ends up sleeping in an improper place to sleep? Makes you wonder, no?

"Hit the breaks, Chief."
-Vincent Valentine, Three strikes and you're out!
What is up with you and Cid?!
For Vincent to come up with a nickname for Cid must mean something.

There's a few other quotes for the pairing Valenwind, but I guess this should be plenty.
by DragonxDemon June 01, 2009
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