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I licked her vagin0r lastnight
by Zombie December 15, 2004
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1. noun. The 1337 (leet) term for a vagina (female reproductive organs. commonly known as a pussy or coochie but many other slang terms exist)

2. noun. What nerds/geeks/dorks/runescape or WoW players/asians (specifically japaneses, no racism intended) use to refer to the vagina.
1. dud3,,,,.,.,.,., m4h vagin0r 15 \/\/3-|- l1|<3 \/\/4t3R. (lol im terrible at leet)

2. Dude, my gf on runescape has a hot vagin0r, she twittered a pic to me.
by secretasian (really agent) man December 30, 2009
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