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Lord Vaati, Wind Mage, Sorcerer of Darkness, Lord of Dark Hyrule Castle, Swordsman, opera lover, sportsman, beauty therapist and 1337 h4x0r, is, to put it simply, the coolest guy alive. He is so awesome that people five miles away go "Woah!" every time he so much as breathes. It actually gets kinda annoying after a while.

(Fun Fact: No rule 34 of Vaati exists, he is that awesome.)
(Q) Vaati must be a bad guy; he looks like one.

(A) Oh I see, you racist bigot. Discriminating against him because of his appearance? Is it coz he is purple? Or do you just fail to recognise the sheer ΓΌber-awesomeness of red eyes? Or are you just against his gothic fashion sense? Actually, I wouldn't blame you there, except that for a Zelda character, he's got a pretty good dress sense. It's better than that wimpy skirt Link wears, anyway. And don't even talk to me about Tingle.
by ~LV~ August 31, 2010
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The epic final boss in minish cap.He has a purple hat,purple cape,purple hair and is a wind mage.He also turns zelda into stone.
guy1:i'm at the final boss in minish cap.
guy2:what's his name?
by mrnrkuhijhfg November 26, 2012
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The stupid emo final boss in the minish cap, who tries to replace Ganon but ultimately just consumes large amounts of penis. He then cuts himself after link AWESOME-FUCKINGLY defeats him, and grows a vagina.

He eventually turns Zelda into stone to try to be a heterosexual, but fails and just gives a blowjob to EVERYONE.
-I'm going to cosplay Vaati!

-You faggot.

-I am gonna play Four Swords, today!

-Oh where are you?

-Last boss!

-Oh that estrogen-filled giant vagina. He's a pussy.
by Vaatispimp June 04, 2010
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