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The fastest version on the given Vauxhall model that you can buy. Unfortunately its still a Vauxhall which means its a shitbox and horrid to drive.
Man "dude i just got and Astra VXR!"
man "why you excited your cars a piece of shit!"
by ticklybawbag September 12, 2009
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VXR is a brand released by vauxhall motors in an attempt to sell even more plastic clad cars with large spoilers and unnesseary vents to those who can't afford a proper sports car.

VXR = Various Xtras Rehash, So you get an astra, add barryboy suspension, cut a few holes in the bumpers, paint the brakes and call it a performance car, when really its just a rehashed astra, which everyone knows was designed for shopping/familys, i think my nan was a big fan.

Soon every car vauxhall make will become a VXR, strange how a corsa or an astra, even a vectra becomes a performance car and people forget what lies beneath once you add a badge.
I cut a hole in my shed door and painted the hinges blue, now its a VXR shed
by Jim Bowen August 21, 2007
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