Means Virgin and proud. They type of guys and girls who are virgins. They respect themselves and feel as if they should wait to have sex. They may not wait until marriage, but they at least wait until their 20s or until they found someone worth it. They feel as if sex is not a need in a relationship that you're just starting.
"She likes normal, true relationships, she's a v&p"
by Zoz2 December 24, 2011
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Short for "Vampire Pussy"; meaning that she's, "gone before dawn!"
Guy A: "...still man, she wan't there this morning?"
Guy B: "Nope, Serious V P! Prolly won't even see 'er till midnight tonight!"
by Nick Brodersen May 12, 2008
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the never ending flame war between paintballers and airsofters

ok 1. airsoft uses replica guns and tiny BBs and i guess like the realism of it

2.paintballers use guns that arnt supposed to look real, and fire geliten balls of paint to signify when their target is out

now all of you its not that big of a deal stop going at eachother throats cause they really arnt the same sport
damn assholes

oh and im a baller by the way and im not against airsoft its just not for me....a v. p
by reric June 5, 2006
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similar to the other bracketed PIMPs - D V D - but switch the brackets around and it looks better... honestly dont know how often people use these but this is my input... im out
this would be the example... P v P
by Tha Real McCoy March 1, 2008
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Full of piss and vinegar. Used to describe someone who is agitated or hostile, similar to being "fired up".
That little guy is just full of P&V, isn't he?
by MRH September 25, 2005
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When you have a perfect Penis to Vagina ratio...
“my friend Dave and I are going on a double date, that means there’s a perfect. P V ratio!”
by Endlesssummer March 2, 2020
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When a penis and a vagina get together for a sexy time.
Jenna: Hey Mark, wanna come over for a p&v sandwich?
by Sexy time January 20, 2018
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