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People with a phobia of, or that are against the keyboard face, UwU
Person 1: *Sends cute picture*
Person 2: UwU
Person 1: Ew! Is UwU really necessary? You know I have UwUphobia!
by UnderYourPorch July 03, 2018
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uwuphobia is like homophobia- those who have the phobia are either afraid of "uwu"/"owo", or they just flat out hate it. usually, you can see people making uwuphobic jokes about them. like "UWU SENPAI-CHAN UWUUUU KAWAII DESUUUU NYAA~~~~", "i am furry uwu, nya~", etc. but if you're actually like that, sORRY-
*over text*
Girl: UwU.
Boy: Ew. What are you, a furry?
Girl: Wow. Uwuphobic much? U swear, there's just as much Uwuphobia going around as Homophobia.
by a sexy loser July 21, 2019
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