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A Muslim sex goddess with sweet honey-like skin. An intelligent sassy ambitious beautiful bombshell with big shadowy eyes that could outfox da biggest thug in town and melt him into a puddle of goo. She would rob a bank robber she so good. She so good she will rod your thug-ass heart. A curvalicious disarming lady every man wants to have but can't touch. Impossible-to-get-and-amazing-to-have. She can take it as well as she can dish it out. She's the woman every man wants but can't win. Just like Drake sings it: she make you beg for it till she give it up and she "da best you ever had." She so smart she could find Osama bin Laden.
Did you just hear that girl critique just war theory in the framework of post-colonial imperialism from the angle of ethical realism in terms of political Islam? Damn, bitch, she look good doing it. Man, that woman is such an Usma! I want to marry that fox.
by FoxyCleopatra225 November 07, 2010
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The United States Military Academy.
also known as west point, the suck, big gray bitch, and worst place ever.
usma makes leaders of characters, wastes your time, has kick ass army training, beat navy training, wastes more of your time by making you march on the weekends.

pretty much the worst place for any one to go to if they want to have a college life.

but we learn to kill people.
i learn to kill people and engineer things but i have no social skills. usma sucks
by capndan November 27, 2007
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A seasonal, yearly holiday, celebrated by couples on December 24th so they don't interfere with family activities and have special time with their significant other.
I've gotten all of my gifts for USmas this year wrapped and placed under the tree.
by MDTA December 09, 2010
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