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(noun) Usen (also Ysun) is the Apache name of the One-God believed to have created all people.
When a child, my mother taught me to kneel and pray to Usen for strength, health, wisdom and protection. ~Geronimo~
by Name is already being used? September 13, 2013
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Synonym for "used." Although it has the same meaning, it is not always used in the same context.

For example, you can say:
-I've used the shovel.
-I've usen the shovel.

And you can say:
-I used the shovel.

But you can't say:
-I usen the shovel.

So, in the end, it's just a word that replaces used and sound better in some cases.
I've "usen" it

It's no good, I've "usen" it before.
by Cetraey October 01, 2011
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(noun)- A peasant dirt farmer of the foolish type. Predominately from the Nigerian motherland. Lover of fine wines, long walks on the beach, and big veiny cocks. The Usen species typically are lone hunters for prey such as ugly British girls with bad teeth and already used Mexican cabooses. Usens are typically too foolish to pose any real threat to humans yet if riled up, they may be sedated with two cans of beer...which renders them completely useless.
Be careful at the party tonight, I heard Usen is on the loose again.
by The Lankiest Man in the World December 04, 2008
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