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The bussiness man or the secret agent, which have not so much time for "shit". He loves adrenaline and sports car or sports moto. He has always trust in few persons.
Ba Ursu' ce faci?
by Ursu' March 01, 2015
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An amazing person, he's the smartest, creative, funniest, and kindest person you will ever meet. He's shy and doesn't get out of his comfort zone much but he's a really nice and funny guy. Once you get to know him you will know that he will do great things in life. He comes up with ideas that are really creative. He is also very handsome and down to earth, he only hangs out with one group of friends but when he's with them he is no longer the shy person, he become an outgoing and fun guy to hang out with, people just need to stick around and get to know him. He takes care of his family, his family and friends is his first priority, he makes sure that they are okay and then worries about himself.
Marco- dang do you see that guy over there, I have to work on a project with him but I'm probably going to fail.

Angel- no way dude, Ursus is the smartest guy in our class, and he comes up with amazing ideas, you will get an A+ for sure.
by Soccer.lover010011 June 23, 2018
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