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Uriella is Jewish for “God’s Light”. Uriellas are some of the most beautiful creatures to walk on this planet. They usually have perfect bodies and no body can help but admire how beautiful an uriella is. They are rare people and have the most beautiful eyes and most attractive lips. They’re extremely friendly and open towards people who are close to them and never ever talk stuff behind people, unless an uriella hates you! If she does you’re in deep water, she’ll make sure you know how much she despises you! They also have tons of friends that care about them, and an uriella appreciates and cares about her friends back just the same. Uriellas are just beautiful over all. Treasure your uriella!
Dani: Uriella is such a beauty.
Sam: I know right! She has all the boys after her.
by fapdingle July 02, 2018
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