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Someone who publishes their or someone else's name to either insult or promote someone they know. They will usually attempt to publish this over and over until it is accepted and published.
Steve: hey have you seen all these urban dictionary faggots publishing themselves?
Dan: yeah they're really fucking pathetic and annoying
by Jawen July 08, 2014
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An idiot with no life that reads urban dictionary definitions all day because he/she has nothing better to do.
Bill: Jim is an urban dictionary faggot. Right now he's looking at the definition for anal afro.

Ted: Wow, what a fucking loser.
by Billycorn April 02, 2008
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someone who makes awful contributions to this site, and think they're clever by combining two words into a banal observation of a trivial activity in life, or making a lame pun out of a word.
1. anything on the front page of the site.
"check out all the urban dictionary faggots who endlessly add definitions to try and account for every single little idiosyncratic phenomenom, how INDIE"
2. virtually all of the content here that isn't overtly sexual.
"yeah, my friend is an urban dictionary faggot, he collects little quaint little douche-bag sayings and then adds them to this site, hoping people will give the thumbs up and approve of a made-up word.
by you guys are pretty shitty November 23, 2008
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