The term used for the gathering massive amounts of "free" items at local fast food stores, convenience stores, coffee shops, etc. so that you do not have to purchase the items at the grocery store.

This includes extra large handful of napkins, ketchup packets, sugar packets, extra BBQ sauce and so on.
We ran out of paper towels, so we're going to head to Taco Bell and do a little urban foraging for napkins.
by JHigz November 22, 2009
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Urban foraging is a process of sorting through the dumpsters, gargbage bins, and other containers of waste to reclaim "wasted" food.

My freegan friend wants to go urban foraging, but I am scared of getting food poisoning.
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A person who eats another persons food before it gets thrown away.
I’m going to urban forager the crap out of those fries if you’re done with them.
by NRWO January 16, 2018
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