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This is the act of getting super pissed off because everytime you hit random on your Urban Dictionary app you get retarded words like "Lana" that describe peoples friends and are most likely retarded attempts to flirt with someone. No one cares about "Lana" she is probably a skank who goes down for dimes, but not on you hence the reason you are desperately trying to get her attention. After about 20 minutes of searching Urban Dictionary you toss your phone at the nearest person you don't like and go back to web surfing for porn.
Person 1: "Why are you buying a new phone?"

Person 2: "I got Urban Dictionary Rage and hurled my old one into that ugly skank Lana's forehead before going back to porn and jerking off."

Person 1: "well played"
by codess117 April 14, 2011
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When you see a definition on urban dictionary and you get mad cuz u don’t like it and you wonder how people like this.
Definitions about dating people give me urban dictionary rage
by EPIXGAMING February 17, 2019
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the feeling you get when those dickface editors wont publish words/phrases you made on urban dictionary, due to the fact that they are "so fucking annoying" that i kill them all day, every day, and when i run out of dickfaces to kill, i resurrect them, and kill them once more to express my anger
I was suffering from acute urban dictionary rage, so I flew a helcopter into a high altitude brick wall at 110 nautical miles per hour. Win.
by ellsworthtoohey September 04, 2011
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