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Urban Cringe is a name for those who use words like "lil" "lit" "dat" "mami" "papi" "bruh" etc. But they ruin it and make it sound cringe and tryhard. An Urban Cringe can be someone using a social media trending topic and also making it cringeworthy. Most of the urban cringe is found on the internet.

cringe-worthy things to have been said:

Lil dat ello oki/e den dis papi aesthetic lit hallo haiii hewwo sowwy ...etc

cringe-worthy symbols/emoticons:

XD / xD :3 ^-^ / ^_^ / ^0^ / ^o^ / :O :o :c / c: ;-; / ;_; owo o-o / O-O / o-O / o_O / O_O :/ ;/
Cringey Girl: "Omg papi, dat shirt is lit"
Chill Person: "Stop being an Urban Cringe"

"i love oreos they are bae"
"gucci gang is da best"
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by SlorpyNorg February 28, 2018
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