whats left of Rusted Root after narcissistic Mike Glabicki broke up the band
Uprooted is like a Rusted Root cover band
by When I Died May 11, 2018
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West Yorkshire (UK) based band - playing "2tone inspired, punk flavoured ska", influences include The Specials, The Clash, Lee 'Scratch' Perry amongst others.
"F*ckin' 'ell this band aren't half bad really."

"What they called?"

"The Uprooters or somet like that."
by stationundergroundreport March 7, 2008
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Its where the girl stands up and spreads her legs and the guy comes up and puts his dick in the vagina
made by Amarrion murry
by amurry February 15, 2016
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Usually named the C.U.M., the Crime Uproot Ministry is a group of Roblox da hood law enforcement created by the YouTuber TankFish, a notorious war criminal. (Fiction) he leads a community in Roblox named the Chaos Legion and enjoys to do a little trolling.
Person 1: You hear that?
Person 3: OH SHIT
Person 2: IT’S THE Crime Uproot Ministry!
Person 1, 2 and 3: THE C.U.M.!!!
by Sabstrakt June 10, 2022
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