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When you're really pumped up to play a game from your Steam library, but Steam needs to do it's daily updates. Updating Steam can take anywhere form 4 seconds to 15 minutes if you are really unlucky. Some say it takes the Power of the Cosmos to stop this process, but no one can confirm as anyone who tries to stop it vanishes. Lord Gaben orders his FBI agents to capture those who have the intention of breaking the rules of Steam.
1. Micheal: "Where the hell are you? We have a game tournament today and you haven't even started up the game."
Kyle: "Steam keeps giving me this 'Updating Steam' Pop-up. I wonder if I can exit out of it..."
Micheal: "No Kyle! Don't!"

2. Person: "Hell yeah! I just bought a bundle of Steam games for a cheap price and let them install overnight. I am now going to play some of the best games on the market."
*Clicks on Steam, Steam Updating*
Person: "Welp."
*Spins revolver*
by Wheatboi July 24, 2018
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