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Upage is a field hockey term which refers to the occasion when the ball in play rises above the maximum playable height limit. This height limit is dependent upon the level of play (middle school, high school, etc) as well as the eccentric interpretation of the on-field officials. "Upage" is never consistently applied and is often times used by an official to halt the down-field progress of the team they do not want to win. Upage is evidenced by the blowing of the whistle, stoppage of play and reversal of possession. As upage is often whimsical in it's application, and generally results in bewilderment of the players and fans alike, it is consistently used to "make up" for previous missed violations.
We were flying down the field, but were upaged. The game went into the crapper after that.
by Wordmanster2 November 08, 2010
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