Means you came up from nothing and don’t wanna go back to being down or broke
That boi John is up now see his new whip
by Noshotoffshore December 18, 2021
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A rhetorical question used when one is in a difficult predicament and the circumstances suddenly change in his/her favor, such as when the person in trouble pulls out a gat or when his/her posse shows up ready to whoop some ass. Often followed by "bitch" or "punk" to further assert dominance.
Barack Obama: "Now that I've won the Iowa caucus, I have the Democratic nomination in the bag. The New Hampshire primary is going to be a walk in the park."
(Hillary Clinton wins New Hampshire primary)
Hillary Clinton: "Hell yeah! What's up now, bitch???"
(Barack Obama wins the Democratic nomination)
Hillary Clinton (obviously insincerely): "Congratulations, Senator Obama. I am so happy for you. The American people definitely made the right choice."
Barack Obama: "Three words, Senator Clinton: WHAT'S UP NOW?!?!?!"
by Nicholas D February 27, 2009
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Said after coming upon someone who has done or said something earlier deserving of a beating, which could not be administered due to circumstance.
You were talking smack earlier with your friends.....Whats up now!!
by Brett A August 18, 2006
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You screwed up so bad that the consequences are the equivalent of getting fucked
Guy 1: Oh, I just teamkilled by accident!
by oeiwghowir April 12, 2016
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