the act of a man sticking his "thingy" in a chicks shitter if he's one lucky son of a bitch for havin a mrs that lets him get away with that sorta thang !!

God intended for women to take it up the arse avery once in a while or he never woulda put the 2 holes that close together that us blokes could make the mistake in the first place
Wendy: i think my arse grapes are playing up again
Snarfy: nvm, let me do you up the wrongun n poke em back in with my "thingy"
by Snarfy June 8, 2009
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Anal sex. From 'up the wrong one' in reference to the anus as opposed to the vagina.
She takes it up the wrong'in
by JC October 20, 2004
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