When a bottom doesn't admit that they're a bottom and loves someone and instead insists that they are a top and loves them.
Gf: I'm not down bad, I'm up bad, meaning I'm a top.
Bf: Ok bottom
by fazbean October 22, 2021
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Purposefully calling someone out or being two faced
He bad upped me bro, fuck him
by IAmStraight July 17, 2016
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When someone adds a word or phrase that they think is funny, cool, and/or creative to Urban Dictionary, but end up getting humiliated when their term has more thumbs-downs than thumbs-ups.
Person 1: Yo broham, are you guna put that word on urban dictionary or not? Person 2: I would, but I'm too scared to get a bad up to down ratio.
by dontbaduptodownratiome May 6, 2011
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when you goofed up so bad that nobody can save u
me: makes a bomb joke
school: thinks about expelling me
me: fuck i goofed up bad
by Lazar Blade September 19, 2021
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