Unverified is a person or people who have not read through information that would be helpful for them in a certain subject. If you're Unverified you should stop being one, because its not cool.
"how do i watch One Pace?"

"go read FAQ, Unverified"
by Sunflower Man February 28, 2021
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Gifts that are usually grandiose scams, intangible by nature, replete with certificates of "authenticity," and cannot be tracked or verified, but are given to impress the recipient because of their implied grandeur.
Lars: Dude, I gave my girlfriend a tree in the Amazon forest named especially for her, for Christmas, and a star in a galaxy that now bears her name. Cool huh?

You" Oh, great---another batch of your unverifiable gifts, Lars.
by Janword June 2, 2010
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