Wanna be H4xx0r:YuO IS TEH 1337! I wanna be teh 1337!!
H4xx0r: Go Checkout to fulfill your HACKING wants/needs!!! h4xx0r's R00L
by LosT_SoUL September 30, 2004
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Let's go to UnknownCheats and get some hacks to pwn with!
by realdefinitionhere October 14, 2011
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UnKnoWnCheaTs - Multiplayer Game Hacks and Cheats

Number ONE at game hacking on the planet!!! This is where all the real professional game hackers roll!
#1 Unknowncheats Hacks brah!

- Aimbots
- Wallhacks
- Engine
- Direct3D
- Reverse Engineering
- Hack Downloads
- Hack Tutorials
- Source code
by therealdefintionman October 14, 2011
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This is a game cheating forum that contains free undetected multiplayer cheats, hacks, hack tutorials and hack downloads. BF2 hacks, AAO hacks, CoD4 hacks, CoD5 hacks, Comabat Arms hacks, FPS hacks, MMORPG hacks and ALOT more!
a: I need some h4x for my game
a: wat?
b: unknowncheats is the best, knp.
a: <3
by a unknown hacker September 27, 2009
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