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1. A generic college name
2. A junior college
3. A small, no-name college
4. An obscure college
5. A junior-junior-junior-junior-junior college

Coined by Adam Carolla, ex-host of radio show "Loveline with Dr. Drew and Adam Carolla"
1. My school is so small, it doesn't have a name. I go to the the University of College.

2. My school is so obscure, I might as well say I go to the the University of College.

3. Adam: caller, Andy, you're 24. What's your question?
Caller: Yeah, uhh. I go to this crappy college and I really like this girl, but... (cut-off by Adam)
Adam: What college do you go to?
Caller: I'd rather not say.
Adam: Okay, then I'll hang up on you. Look you all you idiots out there, just say something or I'm going to hang up on you, okay? I don't care if you say you attend the University of College so long as you say something! Next Caller.
by Tom Braker February 25, 2011
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