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The only uni in Sheffield. There's something else that claims to be a uni, but it's full of cousin fucking dimwits.

It's all city based so be prepared to get mown down by cars whose drivers are so deficient in mental capacity that they cannot read basic road signs.

The Diamond is a piece of shit. Don't believe the hype. The people running it don't even know how to set the inside temperature..............

Overall, a great place to study, have a blast, and party if the coons from Hallam uni aren't fucking dying in the Students Union.
Student 1: I love being at uni.
Student 2: Cool, Hallam?
Student 1: No, University of Sheffield
Student 2: Oh.
Student 1: You're a retard aren't you?
by silbermond May 15, 2018
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Where all the ‘educated’ people go, they look down on everyone and anyone. Bad at sports.
Everyone who goes here is dead inside. Their family hates them.
I asked them what they were studying, they rolled their eyes and said, “fine art, obviously.
And that’s when I knew, they studied at the university of Sheffield.
by Wig?wig. March 25, 2018
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