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Just like unibrow, but cowish.
Also used as a slang word for Pakistani people or other West-Asians (who USUALLY go to university).
Unicow = :L
Use a lot of "caps lock on seizure" talk, like tHiS.
It can also be a cow, who has a unibrow.
Wow, Haris is such a unicow!

SeE, tHaT mAnI theRe tAlKS lYk dIs aLL tHe tIMe.

A: Mummy, look, a unicow!

B:No it's just your uncle Muhammad.

A:But mum, he has a unicow on his forehead!
by Aobonut November 16, 2011
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Unicows are native to Wisconsin. There have been very rare cases of them being tamed and people keeping them as pets. In most of these strange cases the creature prefers to be under your bed, under your bathroom sink, or in the very back of your closet. We have no idea what they eat in the wild but they seem to like old homework assignments, supernovas and sparkling peach starburst beer. They like lamps… A LOT! A recent study shows that there favorite activities are: coloring hair with kool aid, hanging with Nyan-cat, staring at spoons, and making the minions from despicable me there slaves. Unicows are very dangerous and should never be approached and pet like wild horses. They only appear on Monday nights and it is illegal to hunt them. After the NHA made every Monday unicow day, the tradition of LAMPing things came into play. Today people all over the world lamp things in honor of this magnificent creature in hopes of one appearing in their homes and granting them one wish. It is also costume to hide things (like the unicows do) and attack them with sticky notes because they love the colors of the rainbow. If you ever come face to face with one (especially a wild one) call 911 and constantly say lamp until the creature becomes calm or runs off. If you have anything shiny on you immediately remove it for your safty.
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A large mythical creature, who is far superior than any other creature ever made! its even stronger than Goku and it can transform into anything it wants. They are abundant to Wisconsin and appear only on a Monday night. they are also well known for being expert martial artist and dangerous sons of bitches. every Monday is official Unicow day according to the NHA( National Holiday Association).
Andy" hey, Bobby whats today?"
Bobby" its Monday"
Andy"NO! Its Unicow day!"
by ANDYTM October 21, 2010
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