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Uncle Samsonite is a mythical beast started by the youtuber Jake Bowen. His origin derives from a video of Jake, his twin brother Larry, and one I could not identify where it shows 3 people watching TV, one dressed as 'Uncle Samsonite'. In later years Jake Bowen came back with an animated video called 'Uncle Samsonite Pays a Visit'. This eventually turned into the youtube series known as Uncle Samsonite. In this youtube series Uncle Samsonite is eating the soul of Jake. The trademark song of this youtube series would have to be Ginuwine - Pony.
It's time to have some fun... With Uncle Samsonite!
by defnotdgrawns March 01, 2017
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The glorious interdimensional God. With powers on par with Mama Kathy and Chef Boyardee. To this great magnificent creature off brand items from Kroger and Wal-mart are signs of infidelity. To capture his presence one must play 'Pony' by Ginuwine.
Uncle Samsonite, is a devorer of memes.
by Dankmemes4jesus July 07, 2018
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Uncle SAMSONITE is a fat ass dick who likes to dance with Parker Sofia and kara and has a cat tubbs. He rides on bigweld. And his fav song is lemon on the chain with a v cut
by uncle Samsonite June 10, 2016
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A creepy guy who says to a child " It's time to have some fun with uncle samsonite!" If you have watched the 30 second long video then you will know that he is clearly a rape artist. It is a CREEPY video as danachi, livichi and popachi like to say but they are also addicredit to 8t. DON'T WATCH THE VIDEO! !! YOU WILL TOONLY BE OBSESSED! !!
by Evachi May 28, 2018
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