A term used by butthurt losers on YouTube in a vain attempt to gain the favor of another user who blocks said loser.

Normal YouTuber: No. GTFO.
by Bonk_Punch July 21, 2011
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when you get blocked for spamming the r word and now you're desperate
russell unblock me and i will not ban you
by super6457 May 11, 2020
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when you want seeyay 5o unblock you, show them this
seeyay unblock me
by aspectminor August 17, 2022
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A day where people that got blocked because of dumb shit that they did or said have the opportunity to get back right . July 10
Boy : Hey lil mama

Girl : what you want boy you know i blocked you
Boy: Lol you must forgot what day it is

Girl:Oh shit i forgot it is July 10 aka national unblock me day

Boy : yep so go on ahead and unlock me on every platform
by Luhhk3y July 10, 2022
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