A fantastical beast born eons ago that evolved into a human hybrid to grace the masses of its sultry voice and THICC tail. Debuting as part of a group called E-sekai, she is now amassed a literal CULT following.
"Yo bro get this, i saw this Eel calling it self Juna Unagi devour other Eel vtubers and man it was sick. You should check her out."
by JadedTone January 23, 2023
When you work at a large phone company and a customer calls in to order DirecTv and they actually pass the credit check and are not required to leave a very large deposit. The reason for this is because when a customer does this it creates a very powerful erection in males the same as Unagi rolls.
Yo, Jim, check this out, this customer just came on my line asking for DirecTv and doesn't need a deposit!! UNAGI POWWAAA, I HAVE POWAAAAAAAAAAAAA. IT'S POWAAAAAAA OF UNAGI!!!!!!!!!!!
by Frank Martin October 26, 2007
when you are aware of everything that's around you and do not get scared of little things
dude I tried to scare that girl but she was aware of me! I think she has unagi
by girlyjaden11 July 2, 2022
From the Japanese origin meaning 'total awareness'. Unagi is much more then total awareness it is having a sense of connection with someone, this connection stems into a powerful and social attachment that allows individuals to bond at a psychological level. It is almost like both individuals are considered the same human being.
When a group of friends place a quaddie and one of the members responds by saying I would have put the exact same picks if I did this by myself. Another friends responds 'Unagi'.
by 3BM January 18, 2023