Complete state of being aware of your surroundings.
I have unagi
by Barry Allyn December 20, 2016
"I've studied karate for a very long time. And there's a concept you should really be familiar with. It's what the Japanese call... Unagi.."

"Isn't that sushi?"

"No it's a concept"
by JoeyTribiani November 27, 2011
Aaaaaaah unagi
by REAL UNAGI October 31, 2019
1. The ancient japanese method which is commonly referred to as a Nut Check; Often coupled with cock blocking for optimum effectiveness.

2. A traditional Japanese dish given to a friend or foe as a sign of disrespect and to establish ones superiority in the group.

Directions: The Unagier must first ask the soon to be Unageeed whether they would like to recieve an Unagi,
For Example:
Bonni: "Hey, Finny would you like an Unagi?"
Finny: "I have never had one but sure!"
At this point Bonni swiftly follows up finnys request by ramming his massive fists towards Finnys testes, taking his time to ensure minimal contact (as prolonged contact would be gay) and maximum Reprecussion. Bonni now must raise his hands of fury in the air and yell his battlecry "UNAAAAAGIIIIIIII!!!!"....quite often this battlecry can be followed up with phrases like "Theres your Unagi Bitch", "Gotcha Bitch!", Your Unagi Has been served, would you care for another?", or the famous "How bout them Apples?"

All the while Finny should be on the floor getting a lil bit more intimate with his much battered testes, Finny had decided to keep it real and try the mysterious Unagi, Lil did he know that Bonni Kept it way realer and delivered all the reallness to his balls.

by Joby M May 3, 2007
the power of the unagi roll to give a man an outstanding erection.
i ate 20 unagi rolls, then had an erection so hard and for so long i went to the hospital.
by questionsleep February 9, 2004