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Umop the Clown is a fictional character created in October 2003 during a Dungeons & Dragons game. The word 'down' was written on the game map, which was misread as "umop" and became a source of humor for the gaming group. When Nick, the Dungeon Master, grew frustrated with the joke and re-wrote the word in a vain attempt to put a stop to the silliness, the word 'down' was re-interpreted as "clown," and thus was born "Umop the Clown."

His eponymous theme song was written and performed a few weeks after his creation by band Dinzer, with the main vocals performed by Don and Nick.

In the song, Umop is revealed to wear a hospital gown while obsessively driving around the city in search of a fruit-flavored food called "Fruit Sucky."

Umop the Clown has a backstory, written some years after his initial creation, that parallels the story of Anakin Skywalker in the Star Wars films.
Jack "What's umop?"

Nick "That's not umop, it's down ... you're just reading it upside-down."

Jack "No, look at how you wrote it, it looks like umop."

Nick "Fine, I'll rewrite it, just for you."

Glenn "Now it looks like clown."

Nick *Fuming* "You guys suck."


Don *Strumming at his guitar*

Lindsay "I'm really craving something fruity right now. Remember how I used to come over here after school and drink your Capri Suns?"

Nick "We don't have any Capri Sun right now, but we might have some Popsicles... let me check."

Nick *Returning* "No Popsicles. I'm sure if we had any, they'd be in a big yellow box labeled 'Fruit Sucky,' or something."

Don *Strumming at his guitar*


I am Umop the Clown/I like to be upside-down/I like spinning 'round and 'round/I want my Fruit Sucky sucky.
by dither July 19, 2008
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