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Ulyses: A legend. One of the greatest guys to have ever roamed the universe. He is beautiful, charming, loving, intelligent, unique, and special in every way imaginable and is often loaded with cuteness. As extremely rare as he is to find, he is a guy that is a blessing & a miracle to find, anyone who meets him is already in luck. He is the kind of male that only God, the girl he loves, and himself will truly understand. His personality is often difficult to understand, as he has one of the most unique & rare personalities to ever be found. He is sensitive, emotional, and has very deep feelings. He often has a blend of different feelings & emotions, as he knows who are the real ones, and who are the fake ones. He has a very defensive wall that allows him to take the worst of blows and still keep going. He consists of being a true leader to the pack, having a good system of knowing how to handle things, and making new roads. He will love, protect, and never harm the girl he loves. A Ulyses is considered one of the greatest (if not thee greatest) guys to fall in love with, he will do anything to try to be with his girl forever, no matter what obstacles block his path. He deeply cares about her better than anyone else alive and never leaves her out of his mind, no matter the circumstances. He will try to make each other perfect in every way possible. A male who bears the name Ulyses is an angel sent from Heaven directly that no one is able to compare or compete with.
A Ulyses is someone who is unique in every way
Omg he always makes my day no matter what!!
by Kakashi34 January 29, 2018
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A playful, sporty, funny guy. He usually has lots of friends and loves sports. Don't let his shyness make you believe hes weird underneath all his shyness is one of the funniest guys you have ever met.
He looks like such a Ulyses
by Lilly Vasquez June 07, 2016
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Funny, cute, flunky who hangs with friends. He ussually is shy at first but then slowly becomes repetitive. One of the funniest guys you will come across in life.
He's so funny I think he's a Ulyses
by Lilly Vasquez June 07, 2016
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A nine foot tall, emotionally disturbed, bald, chinless ape with an unusually small nipple looking penis, usually found in the ghettos of oklahoma city. Dispite of its enviroment it acts and lives like it is a rich prep. It has one front tooth that allows him to climb trees buildings and other structures. The never moving line of plaque gives him a large source of energy, if it is ever removed it will surely die a slow painful death. Often attracted to obese, manly, caucasian women (fat wigga bitches). It attempts to attract mates (fat wigga bitches) by telling an emence amount of lies (bullshitting). Usually screws up other males mating rituals (cockblock/gamekiller) just for the hell of it (jealousy). Women often mistake it for a homosexual. Backstabbin poor ass, dark ass, ashey ass, bitch ass nigga.
We gotta watch eachothers backs for that Ulyses, it can smell when you got more game than he does.
by Dean Long Johnson November 20, 2006
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