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A bunch of silly kids who STILL ride scooters. They think they're a "tuff gang bruh!" and they ride their scooters in such hardcore gangsta places such as PRIMARY SCHOOLS. Enjoy your death-defying scooter tricks, kids. Also, they are so hardcore that they write about themselves on Pretty gangsta, yo!
Guy 2: Scooter gang? Are you fucking serious? BAHAHAHAHA
by cjhard September 01, 2008
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a well known gang of street thugs, who live in the north west suburbs of melbourne, ultimate scooter brand themselves with weapons and their blade scooters, terrorising the neighborhood inwhich they live... as a collective have been arrested 17 times and aim to damage public property by grinding their scooters in death defying stunts inwhich they film...they are a bunch of hard ass jerks...
primary schools left in ruins due to ultimate scooter...

oi jeeds got arrested...what for...he got caught during his initiation... he passed...
by pig faced jerk July 13, 2006
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A hefty gang of street thugs from the east side of Melbourne Australia. They are said to roam the streets of rich suburban nieghborhoods hittin up primary schools and other such inicent places with their radical, hard as, scootering. The take blade scooters to the next level and make wesley snipes look like a pussy.
Ah police please... yeah... ultimate scooter have struck us again, they've just scootered in our local primary school and left grind marks everywhere. The worst part is that they have started a scooting craze at the school. (police- we will be there shortly)

Wanna hit up a primary? fo' sho.
by Pig headed jerk June 07, 2006
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The name of a small group of ghetto thugs who tour rich suburban primary schools filming scooter movies, just after there 420 apointment. They are pretty bad ass...
Ultimate Scooter: The Movie

Man lets hit up the primary...lets Ultimate Scoot This Joint...

Brett (ultimate Leader), Jeeds, Mitch, Burga, Foulds, Luc, Mure, Peez, Burnz, Dug (camera work)
by Ultimate Scooter Member April 21, 2006
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