Common misspelling for the word ultimate.
Guy 1: OMG! Why can't I get guitar tabs from It always give me some strange website.
Guy 2: Dude, learn to spell.... its
Guy 2: Oh. I'll just go sit in the corner now.
by Matt123412 February 19, 2008
The ultamite person that has the name alek. Alek will destroy you in mincraft
Person1: im going up against the ultamite noodle

Person2: no ,just no
by The ultamite noodle May 2, 2019
When you do a cumshot and it goes about 3 meters far
i tried to give a girl a cum shot but i did an ultamite skeet skeet and blew her away
by Makudan December 11, 2006
A circle game that involves people doing only one move in an attempt to hit a persons wrist or hand to get them out. This game is widely popular among high school and college youth groups on the West Coast. Although not well known nationally or universally like tag or can be found on YouTube, its still extremely fun if taught by an experienced player.
Instead of getting into a fistfight, the Green West Valley Cross Country team challenged their archrival team Blue East Mountain Cross Country team to a game of Ultamite Ninja. Blue East wins but challenges Green West to Fast Ninja.
by TheGameSearcher December 31, 2010