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When God was molding another Fred Armisan, he sneezed and spilled Chilean Ethnicity on top of them and just went with it. Typically the silent types, Ulloas range from stalker-scavengers (Maximus silencitus) to spastic prey (Maximus beltrasm). The silent Ulloas tend to sit back during conflicts or social gatherings of other species, then steals small bits of attention at a time. They can survive on minimal amounts of attention; however, they thrive on puns. The prey-type Ulloas have darkened skin to find food at night safely and enlarged noses for a heightened sense of smell, as well as a way of communicating and finding mates. Maximus silencitus generally stay so far away from other organisms that they can influence the cells in their bodies to bud and asexually form more Maximi.
"Oh honey, look at the Ulloas! They're so cute."

"Hey Ulloa, I forgot you were there"

"Ulloa watch out you almost hit me with your nose!"
by Christopher Rone December 12, 2016
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