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World of Warcraft
The message board for North America server Uldum.

Like all WoW realm boards: A poorly moderated hang out for the absolute shittiest members of any given server.
Only the biggest losers, trolls and bottomfeeders of each server tend to inhabit the realm boards, creating a a ridiculous clique of virginal, snarky, staggeringly lame and unfunny, assbags that are nearly identical to each and every realm board in existence.

Seriously, try to differentiate them.

On Uldum, this usually means listening to the pathetic elitists of Poor Play, Gentlemen's Club, Moskau, Wishmasters, as well as others and a handful of losers who have left but, troll the old boards out of desperation- Prattle endlessly using "bad" as a noun, and flinging lame WOW community cliches* and memes around in place of valid thoughts. WoW has the shittiest community of any game and the realm boards are the shittiest of that shit storm.
It's like they all fell out of the shit tree, and made sweet love to every branch on the way down, before building a cabin on the lowest branch out of the broken boughs they fucked through and, proceed to live there all year round, with their shit-tree/human children.

It's like someone decided to filter shit out of shit, to make some kind of purified, super shit and, the Uldum realm board popped out, fully grown with an Arthas action figure up it's own ass.

If you ever wanted a pastey, fat, sweaty teenager/semi-adult
-whose only experience with a vagina, is sliding out of one-
to call you an idiot, because your blibbity-bloo blob trinket is slippity flip flop! Or, that you are "terribad" (I know, awesome wordplay) because your cartoon character is wearing too much eyeliner or resilience or whatever,
come to Uldum! Home of the worthless tool.

Here you can see the same small group of sniveling, gutless, assclowns try to act as cool as any basement dwelling, neckbeards
-whose only claim to fame is downing some dumbass make believe, dragon with their head literally inserted into their own ass, can-
While bragging about how awesome they are at the world's easiest MMO.

Better lock up your daughters! That 90lb. horse's ass with the tier 7 shoulders, backne and a name that includes "lol" is headed this way!
Wow, you can "out DPS" me? Gee, you must have hot and cold running chicks man!

You know, instead of nobody on Earth giving a rat's flying green shit about how hard your mangina cartoon elf can smack around other cartoon fucktards?

Get used to kids dancing for joy when they "troll u" because apparently that is the most amazing thing in the world there.

*It's like a plate of meme, with an extra side of retarded.
Uldum Realm Board: Come for the inflated sense of self worth, leave because everyone there is a complete idiot. DO NO TRY TO REASON WITH ULDUMITES, THEY ARE NOT CAPABLE OF REASONING.
by Esper777 March 01, 2009
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