"Ugandan discussions" is a euphemism for sex coined during the early 1970s by the satirical British magazine "Private Eye".

The basis of the term arose at a party in London hosted by Neal Ascherson at which Irish moralist and journalist Mary Kenny, during her early, wild phase, spent some time upstairs with a former Ugandan government minister. On rejoining the other guests, Kenny explained their absence by saying they were "upstairs discussing Uganda".
— Where are they?
— I believe they slipped away for some private Ugandan discussions.

— She looks like she was dragged through a hedge backwards!
— She was upstairs discussing the situation in Uganda, allegedly.
by Josifer January 18, 2012
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Ugandan discussions:
Originally referred to a British journalistic euphemism for sexual-intercourse , usually illicit, coined by the satirical magazine Private Eye when dictator Idi Amin Dada (1971-1979) accused one of his ministers, Princess Elizabeth, of having sex in a bathroom while on a diplomatric mission to Europe. Has more recently been applied to Crown Prince Frederik of Denmark and his wife, Crown Princess Mary.
Thanks to increased security and press coverage, Crown Prince Frederik's Ugandan Discussions opportunities have been curtailed and he is firmly under guard, walking ten paces behind a Prada-boot-sporting Princess Mary on shopping trips, carrying the kids.
by Cece&Hester September 7, 2008
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