Someone that is gay and is scared to come out the closet
Uche is very gay
by Red rum December 15, 2019
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A tall lanky black man who sucks a lot of dick and is a bronsexual
bro did u see what uche did last night he sucked a fat ass cock
by peepeepoopcum January 01, 2020
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cool good at soccer the coolest kid in his class really fast good at 800m running
i suck

no ur some uche
by uchheee April 25, 2017
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a very savage individual who is best known for being able to hit a 30000 foot homerun 100% of the time
uche is good
by JohnnyBoi0911 July 06, 2018
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a jail, a concentration camp also known as a school for children from grades 9th to 12th. This is where we learn how to take tests and how to memorize facts that either will make us better at life or will drive us to insanity and force us to buy Nike Air Force Ones. Enough said.
UCHS is s School, UCHS is the school of Amakamash, UCHS is a School where you learn 70 83 1337 1||<3 M3!!!!1111 OMGLMAONAISEROFLCOPTER !111111!!!11111
by Denfushi November 29, 2005
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a facebook stalker who makes up other profiles to stalk herself
She says she has all these admirers, but really I think she's an uche.
by Krenya January 10, 2008
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