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A hugely godly beastly young man. UberTs was or is said to have been created by god himself. In reality UberTs is a viking warrior godly figure who cannot be defeated in is ultimate form. UberTs has come to earth however in the form of a human mortal being and has decided to test himself at MMA. UberTs is from what we know to be 17-20 years of age. UberTs size is said to be unknown he is constantly changing form. Last we saw UberTs was dwarfing frank mir who is 6'3 260 pounds. UberTs is likely now 6'6 and 275 pounds of explosive lean muscle. UberTs could easily become much larger but he wants to compete in the UFC and needs to be able to make weight thus he decides to not become to Uber for that would make a weight cut hard or impossible if he got to Uber and it would blind mortal humans eyes. As they have never seen so much Uber.

UberTs- got the name because he is Uber from sherdoggers. And made frank mir and josh barnett look like children because he was to Alpha and Uber for them.

In short UberTs is a god in mortal form who posted a picture of himself next to frank mir on Sherdog and he made mir look like a child. UberTs size was so impressive the he was coined with the name "UberTs"

UberTs= huge kid from sherdog who in his picture makes frank mir look small.

UberTs is ripped and huge as hell and training mma. Most mma fighters would be wise at HW to duck him as he could cause the first fatality in the octagon if he so wished.
on the 7th day god created UberTs, UberTs is said to have been raised by bears, When UberTs dies he goes to valhalla were he is king,

Guy 1: " is UberTs bigger than Ubereem"?
Guy 2: " UberTs is already more Uber than Ubereem he is naturally Uber!"
Guy 1: "mother of god! natural UberTs is a god"
Guy 2: "I know i know"
by Jacob stiffler January 02, 2012
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