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Uber Baseball, some times refered to as /b/ (// being 'U'), is a game played by boys starting around the age of 13 and lasting anywhere from 16+. As you might have guessed, it is a sexual game played by oneself. For those of you who are dense, Im talking about wanking. You can guess where baseball comes in, that bat acting as your penis ofc, but where does Uber come from? Well, from the early age that the game is played, kids usually dont know what they are doing yet. Uber comes from the act of the 13 year old vigorously and vicariously pumping his stick because it feels great and he doesnt know that playing to 'Uber' could potentially cause a bleed not to mention be very sore after the game.
Hey guys! I found this awesome new game last night called Uber Baseball! Its a really cool game but it makes you really sore afterwards.

Oh i remember when i first played that game! My big bro told me its easier to hit the ball if you lube your bat up before the big game!
by Suomynona Nona March 28, 2011
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