Oh yes, “UWU smol beans”. They tend to only speak to you if you look “cute” or if your name is “Jake”, and also have an obsession with cookies. Every time you speak to them there’s a chance they might hit you with a “;-;”, or a “.-.”, and they average around 3’1 to 4’5 feet. They use strange legs, a weird torso, and weird looking arms to make them look smaller than they should be. There’s also a 70% chance they make “Gacha Videos” and are fake anime lovers.
Y/N: Hello! UWU smol bean: ;-; Y/N: ? UWU smol bean: .-.
by meryaleen January 18, 2021
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Someone who is so annoying and stupid they crave attention for the sole purpose of being "cute" or "quirky". And make dumb faces like "UwU" or "OwO" etc.
Shut up you uwu smol bean

Brynn is such an uwu smol bean
by Skinnybarbzxo January 4, 2021
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