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A shotgun, designed in America but produced in South Korea, that was made in both full-auto and semi-automatic versions. Only the semi-automatic USAS-12's were ever imported into the United States.

The USAS-12 was reclassified as a Destructive Device in the early '90's, requiring registration with the BATFE and special requirements for sale and transfer to other civilians. There was an amnisty during the 1990's for registration, but that anmnisty has since been closed and all non-registed USAS-12's are illegal contraband.

Accepts 20 round Drum magazines; 10 round "stick" or "box" magazines and 12 round box magazines. The 12 round box magazines are extremely rare and the 20 round Drum magazines are rare but possible to obtain.

Generally referred to as: "M16 on Steroids" because it looks like a big, thick M16. Also sometimes refered to as a "Street Sweeper" and/or "Lead Hose" because of the amount of lead the gun is capable of delivering in a very short period of time.
When Dirk popped that drum in his USAS-12 and pulled the trigger as fast as he could, it looked like lead-hose.

Jo-Jo "Hey, Jimmy, wanna buy a USAS-12 parts set"
Jimmy "How come just parts....why you don't just sell me da whole thing?"
Jo-Jo "Can't do dat, Jimmy it ain't never been registered with da Feds, so's I melted the receiver and is just sell off the parts.
by Ricardovitz October 22, 2009
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