in World of Warcaft, a funny way for Horde players to annoy scare Alliance players.
Because of the language mess-up system in WoW, if a Horde player says "UO UO", any Alliance player who hears it will see "HA HA" instead. most of Allys run away seeing that, thinking they've met a GM's alt who has cross-faction communication. "UO UO" can be extended, so if you prefer "HA HA HA" over "HA HA", there's no problem!

try it out!
Horde player: *kills an alliance player* UO UO

Other alliance player to alliance player: omg this guy can write to us normally O.o i better run away hes a gm or something cya *bubble hearth*
by vtf_sandvich March 07, 2009
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sound produced by a confused Latin American
Random Jap. girl:私は巨大なペニスを吸うのが大好きです
Agus: UOS UOS!
by jhonny suckadick December 12, 2017
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