a female lithuanian name - really close to the word fire, which is "ugnis"

these girls are usually tall and very thin
Gabi: Oh My gosh - look at that anorexic bitch
Skaiste: that must be ugne, shes lithuanian

Carl: did u see that ugne girl, shes da hott fire!!
jeff: thats my girlfriend u fucker
by gabiLT February 17, 2008
only ugne in tomsriver . known for her tits and laugh. most gorgeous grl i kno yoo
jeff - yo thats an ugne !!
jack - shes the hottest ever jus like you
by anonymus boy August 25, 2008
Abbreviated form of United or Underground Girls Network. The UGN is the reason why when one guy brakes up with a girl, almost every other girl in the world will know by the next day.
"You went out with him? Wow! quick, tell me the details so I can call Veronica.."
Annoying fucking bitch who also is Lithuanian which makes it 50 times worse
by Platboi June 1, 2020
"I didn't say 'Daddy'!"
"Maybe I did by accident"
"Classic dirty Ugne"
by Odhendj January 21, 2021
Ugne will love it if people cough in her face. The end

Seren- I will cough in your mouth
Ugne- Go on then (yummy)

Seren- *coughs*

Ugne- Ooo yummy

Isabelle- Moist thumb
Ugne likes it when random people cough in her face
by Blanco11 December 6, 2019