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when you just can't anymore.
person 1: how are you
person 2: UGHUGHUGH
person: oh, it's that kind of day...same
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by morgmac3 November 16, 2016
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1.A Word Used Too Describe Your Very Pleasing Emotion Or Excitement Towards Something
2. Your Baby Making Sound
Ex. Richard,Dane,Niell Laughing Ughughugh
Ex. ughughugh While Having Sex.
by Destructo October 11, 2007
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A noise used to describe a hatred or disgust in someone or something.
Originates from a character on Mad TV
Brian: Hey dude i think that katie girl is pretty hot.
Matt: Dude, that's ur freakin sister...UGHUGHUGH
by Matthew Deryck October 16, 2007
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