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retards who use UD exclusively for:

1. posting pictures of themselves
2. not defining, but trash-talking various celebrities, bands, trends, etc.
3. one of the WORST...Trying to define
a.their own names,
b. other's names, or
c.bragging or bitching about a stupid rich area in their town,
d. or a school.

These people must stop defining because they`re ruining UD. Oh, and stop putting links to your myspace, you pretentious twats. Personally, I`m an editor, and have been cracking down even more on UD rape definitons..So watch out SPAMers. The UD editors will keep your pointless definitions from ever being seen.

Oh, and all of UD seems to be homophobic...Maybe I should make a pro gay definition and see how many thumbs down it gets!
1. "chek out this sexay pic of me...i am the queen of scene" --me <stupid image of some fugly fat chick with too much makeup on taking a snapshot of herself in the bathroom>

2. OMFGZZ! Lyke FEMINEM iz soooo dum yallz! hez a FAG LMAO. him an dr dre giv eachother BLO JOBZ! LOLZ!

3. a. Jenine:
The sexiest girl alive. Used for when someone is completely hot, sexy, and cool.
Example: Person1:Look at that sexy girl, she's such a Jenine!

b. Anna:
a ReAlLy SlUtTy GuRL!!!!111! ShE hAs EvErY STD iN tHe BoOk!!!!!!11!!!! aLl TeH gUyZ uSe HeR fOr A qUiCk F*Ck!!1!!

Conniver! He'll seem like he loves you! But then hell drop you like a lead ballon! Watch out girls, he's known for making out with the school slut in the bathroom! I hope he effin DIES!
c. Winstonville:
All the stupid, rich, jock, republican, slut christioans liv there! all their daddies buy them expensive cars for their sixteenth birthdays! they haev good parties because their parents are never thar! theyre always drunk! no one likes those stupid preps! the winstonville girls are skanks and wear their skirts so high you can see their thongs!

d. St. Evans:
All the girls are sluts and they gasp when you walk all over the emblem, but deny being there. They bitch about the uniforms but yet on free dress day they always wear the same high-collar preppy outfits! Skanks! blah blah blah blah blah


And stop defining EMO and scene! There's like a bajillion defs already.
by bloodflower August 26, 2005
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To use Urban Dictionary as a personal message board.
The use of Urban Dictionary as a personal message board.
Other forms:
UD Raper/ Rapist: see Psycho Bitch, Gumba Gumba, Kung-Fu Jesus, Light Joker
UD Rape is one of the most common things on UD, second only to sexual inuendo.
UD Rapers should be banned, somehow.
by grey July 20, 2004
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