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v. to discuss something trivial for too long on an overly-intellectual level
My friends and I U-of-C'ed the Platonic ideal of paperclip for half an hour.
by mardimonkey February 25, 2007
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abbreviation of University of Calgary.

One of the worst ever abbreviations for a school name. Mind you, UC was already taken by California and the actual name is too long to say, so the school settled on "U of C". Being pronounced the same as the mixed martial arts company UFC doesn't help either.

The university itself however, is quite respectable. Consistently ranks among the top 10 in the country. Some notable alumni include: Stephen Harper (prime minister of Canada), Naheed Nenshi (mayor of Calgary), Christine Nesbitt (gold medal winning figure skater) and Gary Kovacs (CEO of Mozilla). Maneuvering around the city by transit is a nightmare, so most students drive or live on campus. This explains the lack of sufficient parking on campus as well as the ridiculous parking rates. Boasts a good science and engineering program due to the school's ties with the oil industry. The newly built Taylor Family Digital Library is an amazing study area and has some really comfortable beanbag chairs. Climate is a major drawback for the university though. The campus enjoys high sunshine hours even during it's 5 month long winter, but it's a very windy school due to it's prairie location. Not uncomfortably humid during the summer but most of the city's little precipitation falls during June, July and August. And then there's Thursden. ;D
Aunt: Hey xxxxxxx, there are a lot of good programs at U of C ya know?
Me: Huh, you want me to pursue mixed martial arts?
Aunt: What? No I meant the University of Calgary!
Me: Oh.
by seould.out January 25, 2012
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