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a rather sexy but extremely dumbass man.

gets hurt alot, but continues funneling mickeys and jumping off high places.

crazy but cool
"yo! that guy is such a kovacs!"

"did you see kovacs jump in that fire!?!"

"i want kovacs in my panties!"
by gee hee hee February 20, 2007
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From Croatia ...

Foreign visitor, someone who came from the 5 elements Air, Earth, Water, Fire ....

(pronounce k-o-v-a-sh/ch)
Dr. kovac (ER. Character played by Goran Visnjic)

Dog Name Kovac (k)
Soccer Player Robert Kovac
by the_proud_dog_owner_of_kovack February 12, 2010
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kovac is a gay individual who also likes animals more than any human should(they like them sexualy)
that guy is such a kovac
by riggamortis May 20, 2009
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a very gay male whos strangly attracted to fish, but not limited to horses, daynas, queers, and ryan porters
Tim: hey did you see kovacs

Jeremy: you mean the horse fucker? yes i viewed this astounding sight while watching him beat of a Ryan porter
by Jem I.C. April 10, 2009
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A 13 year old Hungarian female with bipolar disorder who can drink any American male under the table, any day of the week.
"Don't make me Kovacs you're ass like I did last Tuesday"
by FullyConfuzed June 17, 2017
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