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i girl you will never forget. Because when you meet her she leaves the best impression of her self in your head. she will always be the person you think of when ever your down or need help and advice. She is someone who cant help but to care and love you. and you cant help but to love her too. She is out of this world in the best way possible. she has onion swagg=swagg thats on a whole new level lol.
tbaby will always be my cousin and no one can stop that.

tyryanna is always there when you need her so i advice you not to break her trust or ill break you.

love you t
by kimmie p April 08, 2013
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a girl who will always be by your side. shes loyal and faithful and funny and freaky and everything else. she is one of the best ppl you will meet. she will always have your back but only if you have hers. when you fall in love with her there is no falling out. if you hurt her she has friends that will kick your ass. she loves snickers, #snickers. she is crazy with the best sense of humor. she is the goofest person youll ever meet. being related to her is special because there is all ways something new to learn about her. she is very active. she is someone you can always trust no matter what she is like your own secret box. when its with her its locked up. she is very freaky and nasty and likes to flirt. she loves chocolate and not just the candy. out of all the years i've know her we get closer and closer all the time. she gives some of the best advice even when she dont know shes giving it. tbaby all the way.
TT i love you cousin. this is all you

tyryanna is a very unique person even doe you dont know her she kmows all about you when you first meet.
by kimmie p April 08, 2013
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all the music tt listens to is pleasure p pretty ricky and trey songz she is a very freak girl she get it from her cousin first she get my number but dont even know my name then she gets a snicker from the back part of my bag then she gets a snicker in the back part of my back niecey. lol this crazy.

tyryanna a very crazy girl
by kimmie p April 08, 2013
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