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A goofest, is a festival related to the ejaculation, and celebration of goo. Goo is a synonym for sperm, jizz, cum, sticky icky, love sauce, and so on. The goofest is highly respected, and spiritual event that happens on frequent occasion in every males day to day life. The only rule of a goofest, is that that goo must gooed on everything within a 5 foot radius of the gooer. Other than that, a goofest is completley up to the male/s participating in the event. GOOOOO ON MY FRIENDS!
I heard Kinne and Sobel had a goofest with the log cabin bitches last night.

The guesthouse goofest is the most holy and respected goofest.

The goofest came to an abrubt stop when Jim realized the belizean he was fucking was infected with the HIV virus.
by esobez April 25, 2009
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